Feasibility studies

  • ACCELENCE is the one-stop solution linking industry sponsors/their representatives and investigation sites of the Bordeaux region.
  • ACCELENCE promotes the activities of its founding members in clinical trials and associated services to industry sponsors and CROs and brings them together according to their respective projects.
  • ACCELENCE is the entry point and coordination contact for feasibility studies:

– Analysis of the protocol and identification of the potential investigator(s),

– Analysis of investigator capabilities and reinforcement of such as required,

– Analysis of any additional logistical requirements in the event of multi-site trial performance (for example: manufacturing, processing and dispatch of clinical trial batches, local monitoring, etc.).

  • ACCELENCE provides the administrative support inherent to the feasibility study and if required on implementation of the projects:

Centralization of financial proposals (investigator fees and hospital overcosts including any medical or paramedical resources supplied by ACCELENCE),

– Elaboration and proposal of a single global contract between Industry Sponsor (and/or representative) / Investigator(s) / Care site(s) / ACCELENCE, guaranteeing transparency and fluidity.

One-stop solution for clinical research
One-stop solution for clinical research
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