Institutional organizations

The Aquitaine Regional Council lends it support to ACCELENCE within the framework of its mission to support innovative structures.

ACCELENCE was accredited in May 2010 by the Route des Lasers competitiveness center.

Professional organizations

ACCELENCE is in regular contact with professional organizations of the pharmaceuticals, medical and surgical devices industry but also of the CROs in order to better adapt to their requirements and collaborate in procedures aiming to reinforce the attractiveness of French clinical research.

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Contact: Claire Sibenaler


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Contact: Dr. Gérard Sorba

All the above professional organizations are also represented at the ACCELENCE Scientific and Industrial Committee.

Partner investigation sites

Managing Director: Mr. Antoine de RICCARDIS

The Charles Perrens Public Hospital is at the heart of the greater Bordeaux health systems for care in the field of psychiatry. The annual number of patients seen is approximately 20,000 with a capacity of 515 beds and 316 places divided between total and partial hospitalization respectively.


  • 1700 non-medical agents, of which 664 are nurses
  • 123 physicians, of which: 118 are psychiatrists, 3 are general practitioners, 2 are pharmacists
  • 39 internship fellows and 30 medical students

The geographical attraction area for the hospitalized population is spread over the whole Aquitaine region (3.2 million inhabitants).

Budget (2012): 89 M euros in operation, of which 82% are staffing costs and 8.7 M euros are invested.

The Charles Perrens Hospital is linked to the Bordeaux Segalen University and the Bordeaux University Hospital by partnership agreements. In this respect it has the benefit of four university psychiatric units, the only ones in the Aquitaine region:

  • Two adult psychiatric units,
  • One unit specialized in addictology (treatment of addictions with or without substance),
  • One pedopsychiatric cross-unit which also comprises the Center for Autism Resources (CRA).

For a number of years, the institution has focused on:

  • The study of neuroendocrine determining factors in psychiatric disorders (« stress hormones »);
  • The use and impact of psychotropic drugs. This research angle falls under the INSERM unit INSERM U657 « Pharmacoepidemiology and assessment of the impact of health products on populations »;
  • Research on major depression. This project is part of the Magendie Neurocentre (INSERM U862) structure and a collaborative approach with the Bordeaux University Hospital’s Clinical Neuroscience unit;
  • The identification of the brain areas most involved in the emergence of repetitive behaviors such as those observed in obsessive-compulsive disorders (OCD), by the use of new cerebral imaging techniques (in partnership with the Bordeaux Institute of Neuroscience, renowned Research Units, such as the INSERM Research Center (U 862) and the Movement, Adaptation and Cognition Unit (CNRS UMR 5227);
  • Social phobias, in particular in relation to male and female sexual disorders and to problems linked to physical appearance;
  • Research work centered on addictive behaviors whether in relation to (tobacco, alcohol, drugs) or other subjects of addiction (gambling, the internet, food).

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Managing Director : Monsieur Christophe GAUTIER

The Centre Hospitalier de Pau was founded in the 17th century. It is located now in the outskirts of the town and offers health cares to a population of 450,000 inhabitants. In 2012, it registered 46,167 patient visits for 779  beds.

Personnel :

  • 345 physicians
  • 71  residents
  • 2,335 non-medical agents

Budget : The annual budget is 194 million euros.

Clinical research activity 

In 2012, the Centre Hospitalier de Pau won the recognition of the important work of its medical community in terms of clinical  research by ranking amongst the health institutions contributing to  the  Education Research Mission Reference and Innovation (MERRI).
The Centre Hospitalier de Pau became thus the only non-academic health institution recognized as such in the Aquitaine region, emphasizing the high quality of the research performed by the local medical community.

The Centre Hospitalier de Pau set up a team which supports and facilitates clinical research developed by its medical teams. Under the responsibility of the hospital’s top management for the legal aspects and the Department of Medical Affairs for methodological aspects, a Clinical Research Unit was established in January 2013.

Such an Unit serves the Hospital policy. Linked to the medical governance structures (Clinical Research Committee, Hospital Medical Committee), the Clinical Research Unit develops best practices and backs the medical teams for administrative and logistics matters.

Moreover a methodological assistance in the drafting of scientific publications is also made available.

In 2011, 49 clinical trials were implemented of which :

  • 37 academic studies (sponsored by university hospitals, comprehensive cancer centers, national research institutes or medical societies)
  • 12 industry sponsored trials

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The Groupe Hospitalier La Rochelle-Ré-Aunis serves the population in and around Charente-Maritime through several health facilities that provide acute hospital (1729 beds) and community based health services.

To operate in coordination with all health actors in the territory, partnerships were concluded with other healthcare institutions (aftercare and rehabilitation), medico-social institutions (short and long-term care facility for disabled and elderly) and independent professionals (city-hospital networks).

The Groupe Hospitalier La Rochelle-Ré-Aunis carry on education and research activities. The Institute of nursing education and healthcare assistant training school (IFSI) is located in Saint-Louis campus. Each semester, between 75 and 100 medical students are trained under a supervising physician.

Clinical research and innovation are part of the institutional mission statement. A clinical research committee acts as an advisory body and supports research activities at institutional level. A clinical research unit constituted by clinical research manager, associates, and nurses is made available to investigators (physician, paramedics and psychologists) and provides the resources that are necessary for the conduct of clinical research.

In 2015, clinical investigators from 22 departments participated in 117 clinical trials, and 387 patients were included in interventional studies. Research results were published in 51 scientific articles.

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Industry Sponsors

Alleviate pain. Restore Health. Extend Life. This is our Mission at Medtronic. It’s the reason we’ve developed an unprecedented breadth and depth of innovative therapies over the past 60 years.

And it’s the reason millions of people’s lives are improved by a Medtronic product or therapy each year. But we have more work to do. Our strategic vision is to address the three key universal healthcare needs: improve outcomes for better care, increase access to therapies so more people get treated, and improve the efficiency of healthcare delivery to reduce overall costs

Medtronic improves medical technology through its permanent collaboration with practitioners and clinicians throughout the world. Our innovations help physicians diagnose diseases earlier, treat their patients with the least possible perturbations, and relieve symptoms throughout the patient’s life.

The set-up of our international clinical research program “Center for Research Innovation” has the objective to establish a network of expert centers that we wish to associate to clinical projects on our new devices and concepts in the fields of cardiac pacing, electrophysiology, coronary, peripheral and endovascular therapies, cardiac valves and cardiac and physiological parameters monitoring.

For Alphons Vincent, Medical Director Europe at Medtronic, the partnership established with the University Hospital of Bordeaux and Accelence meets perfectly the objectives of the “Center for Research Innovation” program. “This is a global program aimed to establish privileged partnerships with centers of excellence in clinical research for faster conduction of clinical trials while providing better quality data. By the fame of its team and the importance of its work in the cardiology clinical research, the University Hospital of Bordeaux meets the high standards we have set for this program.”

About Medtronic

Medtronic develops and manufactures a wide range of products and therapies with emphasis on providing a complete continuum of care to diagnose, prevent and monitor chronic conditions.

For more information about Medtronic and its therapies, visit our

Contact : Valérie COURCIER
Directrice de la communication et des relations publiques
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By partnering with ACCELENCE, Economy Interest Group Bordeaux Clinical Research Network and its founding members, the Bordeaux University Hospital, the Bordeaux University and the Institut Bergonié – comprehensive cancer center-, Bristol Myers-Squibb continues to develop its relations with public care centers to facilitate the conduct of clinical trials in France.

Research is at the forefront of the drug discovery and development process at Bristol-Myers Squibb which goal is to discover novel medicines that will benefit patients with serious unmet medical needs.

The Research & Development strategy at Bristol-Myers Squibb focuses on few major disease areas : Cardiovascular, Fibrosis, Immuno-Oncology, Immuno-science, Metabolism, Oncology, Virology and genetics.

Its French subsidiary is ranked second (excluding US) for turnover and first for clinical trials with more than 373 investigation sites which are involved in the conduct of 69 clinical trials on around 30 new molecules, representing 83% of the molecules in phase II and  III development of the entire group.

A preferred partner for boosting clinical research in the Bordeaux areas

Thanks to its speed to implement new trials and to the early involvement of its experts in the development of new molecules (half of those studies are phase I and II), the French subsidiary of Bristol-Myers Squibb is a well essential player of the world clinical development.

Last December 15th, Bristol-Myers Squibb France has concluded a partnership agreement with ACCELENCE, Economy Interest Group Bordeaux Clinical Research Network, and two of its founding members namely the Bordeaux University Hospital and the Institut Bergonié – comprehensive cancer center-. « By speeding up the implementation of new clinical trials, and by providing the investigation sites with dedicated medical and/or non-medical human resources, whenever public care centers or general practitioners are concerned, ACCELENCE brings to Bristol Myers Squibb an innovative  opportunity to identify new capabilities of investigation as well as to support those who wish to strengthen such an activity . This very unique organization in France will enable us to step up our links with the Bordeaux areas investigation sites. » comments Christian Rollin, Director of Clinical Operations for France, Africa and Middle East at Bristol-Myers Squibb.

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About Quintiles, Leading Change in the Pharmaceutical Services Industry

As the global pioneer in pharmaceutical services, Quintiles helps deliver new drugs and cures for the world’s most challenging diseases.

Quintiles is the only fully-integrated biopharmaceutical services company offering clinical, commercial, consulting and capital solutions worldwide. The Quintiles network of more than 20,000 engaged professionals in 60 countries works with an unwavering commitment to patients, safety and ethics. Quintiles helps biopharmaceutical companies navigate risk and seize opportunities in an environment where change is constant. For more information, please visit

Quintiles is consistently cited as the most favored contract research organization (CRO) in independent surveys of the bio pharma industry.

The New Health

“In The New Health, there is significant pressure to speed the drug development process in order to develop treatments that enable people to live healthier lives,” said Lindy Jones, Global Head of Integrated Site Services. “We are proud to be working with the Accelence team here in Bordeaux to further enhance our ability to recruit patients and investigators who are critical to an efficient and effective drug development process. The expansion of our Prime Site program to mainland Europe is a key milestone for us and Quintiles and Accelence share a common vision of safeguarding patients in the quest to develop new and better medicines.”


ITEC SERVICES is a CRO founded in the Bordeaux region in 1984, for the performance of clinical trials. In addition ITEC SERVICES coordinates and retains a network of 40 general practitioners in the Bordeaux region.

ITEC SERVICES and ACCELENCE wish to combine their know-how in the Aquitaine region, in order to offer a single service proposal – based on active collaboration between general practitioners and hospital units – for the performance of industry-sponsored clinical trials in the Bordeaux region.

The objective of ACCELENCE and ITEC SERVICES is to increase the potential for patient recruitment in mixed industry-sponsored clinical trials (joint investigation performed by the hospital and general practitioners) by offering industrial sponsors administrative and logistical support for hospital and general practitioner investigators to provide optimal services according to their requirements.

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 Presentation of the ACCELENCE-ITEC Services partnership


PAREXEL International Corporation is a leading global biopharmaceutical services organization, providing a broad range of knowledge-based contract research, consulting, medical communications, and technology solutions and services to the worldwide pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries. Committed to providing solutions that expedite time-to-market and peak-market penetration, PAREXEL has developed significant expertise across the development and commercialization continuum, from drug development and regulatory consulting to clinical pharmacology, clinical trials management, medical education and reimbursement. PAREXEL Informatics, Inc. provides advanced technology solutions, including medical imaging, to facilitate the clinical development process. Headquartered near Boston, Massachusetts, PAREXEL operates in multiple locations in major countries around the world, employing a wide range of highly qualified and experienced personnel.

For more information, please visit :

PAREXEL is working more closely with a small number of institutions to focus on driving improvements in the clinical trial life cycle.

With its capability to federate hospitals and investigators both involved in clinical trials activities which have proven track records in scientific and medical expertise, in patients enrolment and their willingness for development, ACCELENCE became in July 2014 one of the early PAREXEL Alliance partners in France.

ACCELENCE collaborates with the main industry players
ACCELENCE collaborates with the main industry players
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