ACCELENCE services cannot in any way be substituted for those of a CRO. ACCELENCE is a Site Management Organization, capable of reinforcing investigation sites in the Bordeaux region if necessary, either on a one-off basis or long-term. As such, ACCELENCE services are geared towards industrial sponsors and CROs indifferently, the aim being high performance in terms of patient randomization.

Can all the investigators of the Bordeaux University Hospital or the Institut Bergonié see their capabilities reinforced in terms of additional medical or paramedical resources?

Within the framework of its business plan, ACCELENCE intervenes only if its added value is proven. If there is potential for additional patients to be randomized and a lack of medical resources is observed to be jeopardizing good conduct of the clinical trial, the feasibility of an intervention by ACCELENCE will systematically be evaluated.

I have been working directly with several investigators in the Bordeaux area for some time; will my contacts need to change in future?

ACCELENCE is appointed by its founding members to act as a one-stop solution for industry-sponsored clinical trials. If your selected sites are too long in setting up trials, or do not recruit the expected number of patients, why not suggest giving ACCELENCE a try?

As an industrial sponsor, I may be in a position to select a new center but am not sure of the benefits/opportunities afforded by doing so in the Bordeaux region. How can ACCELENCE assist me?

As a Site Management Organization, ACCELENCE is the key point for all questions relating to clinical trials, in the search for investigators, over a wide range of therapeutic areas.

In addition ACCELENCE provides support with its internal resources for medical writing and R&D project management which can help you find the most suitable solution.

Do the services offered by ACCELENCE increase the cost of clinical trials?

Intervention by ACCELENCE aims to increase the number of patients in industry-sponsored clinical trials. The idea is to increase amounts invoiced, not the initial budget provided for each randomized patient. An ACCELENCE intervention speeds up access to the market for industry sponsors, allowing for significant savings. An intervention by ACCELENCE enables investigation sites to generate more revenue from sponsors. It is a vector for increasing resources. ACCELENCE offers a mutually beneficial relationship to both industry sponsors and investigation centers.

The trial I’m looking to set up mainly includes patients who visit general practitioners more than hospitals; how can ACCELENCE assist me?

ACCELENCE mobilizes and coordinates general practitioner networks likely to identify and steer patients eligible for clinical trials conducted by the hospital investigation sites but also to intervene as co-investigators. In addition ACCELENCE provides administrative and logistical support.

How is ACCELENCE positioned with regard to the CeNGEPS or the CIC?

ACCELENCE is complementary and synergic with the two structures. With dedicated CRAs, the CeNGEPS accelerates the recruitment of patients in industrial trials. With study nurses and methodological support, the CIC contributes to the same objective. Their efforts would have a limited impact, however, if other resources for investigation enabling patient randomization were not available. This is where ACCELENCE comes in, providing operational solutions, essentially with the involvement of co-investigating physicians.

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