The company

ACCELENCE is the 1st public/private clinical research Site Management Organization in Europe. It is aimed at:

  • The healthcare industry (pharmaceuticals, medical devices and nutrition),
  • As well as its subcontractors, CROs.

In constant progression in terms of turnover and volume, the healthcare industry is nevertheless undergoing a significant change: outsourcing is on the increase, namely in favor of CROs and biotechnology companies. The regulatory environment is being reinforced, productivity is declining. Within this context access to the market, as fast as possible and in compliance with all required quality standards, is a major challenge.

Due to lack of medical resources and flexibility, and driven by their own dynamics, investigation sites -in particular public sites-, can barely cover industrial demand.

The competitiveness of most French investigation sites, for instance, has been constantly declining for several years. Dwindling medical and scientific attractiveness of the regions has a lasting impact on access to care and the economic activity of all players in this field whether private or public, large groups or small and medium-sized companies.

In this context ACCELENCE is the solution for reinforcement and development of the activity of investigation sites located in the Bordeaux area, offering a range of services in response to a major concern:

Optimization of patient inclusion rates and recruitment lead times, in compliance with required quality standards, for phase I to IV clinical trials.

ACCELENCE, the R&D solution
ACCELENCE, the R&D solution
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Optimization of phase I to IV clinical trials
Optimization of phase I to IV clinical trials